2FLY Pro-Pilot Programme

2FLY Pro-Pilot is a 12 to 14 month full-time European Approved (EASA) training programme designed to take new cadets with zero experience to holding a frozen Air Transport Pilot Licence (fATPL/ IR) with Instrument rating, including our unique Airline Preparation Jet training. Training is delivered in three seamless phases comprising:

Phase One: Florida, USA

2Fly Airborne Career Academy, Florida USA for Basic flight and ground training + structured hour build.

Phase One: 4 months

Phase Two: Malaga, Spain

2Fly Aerodynamics, Malaga Spain for EASA ATPL ground school,  advanced CPL flight training + EASA Multi Engine Instrument training.

Phase Two: 8 months

Phase Three: Madrid, Spain

CAE Madrid Spain for approved Jet Simulator training on Airbus A-320 level-D full flight Simulators.

Phase Three: 3 weeks

Four reasons why 2Fly Pro-Pilot is the best value structured ATPL programme on the market
  1. 2FLY Pro-Pilot is the ONLY course of fully structured EASA airline pilot training where we can offer a secured bank loan for 100% of these training fees plus living expenses to qualified candidates.
  1. By virtue of its fair weather training centres in Florida and the Spanish Riviera our programme guarantees training on schedule and on budget.
  1. 2FLY Pro-Pilot is exactly the style of training UK and European Airlines look for evidenced by the fact that over 90% of our graduates go on to fly for leading European airlines such as CityJet, Monarch, Ryanair, Eastern Airways, Jet2, Flybe, FlyDubai, Olympic Air and many more. See the testimonials on our website for more information.
  1. 12 months accommodation during the programme is included.
  • In operation for over 22 years.
  • Low cost regulatory exams fees.
  • A fully compliant EASA (ATO) Approved Training Organisation.
  • Average pass rates are 99% for CPL and 98.5% for IR skills tests.
  • All EASA Licenses and Ratings issues by the UK CAA.
  • Pro-Pilot students qualify for the 2FLY Training Guarantee – details in our Prospectus.
  • 2Fly Aerodynamics in Malaga is an EASA ATPL exams centre, approved by the UK CAA.
  • With an operational fleet of over 75 training aircraft, this represents one of the largest training fleet in the world.
  • All Pro-Pilot graduates enjoy the benefits of 2Fly’s Airline referral scheme.


Download a prospectus & training fees schedule

The Pro-Pilot Programme Prospectus contains full details of the Programme together with information about the Cadet Assessment and Funding solutions. Click to access download area.