2FLY Group offers a complete portfolio of aviation services at bases both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  2FLY Group has its main bases in Florida USA and is in the process of acquiring new companies to expand its portfolio. The range of services offered throughout the Group include the usual fixed base services: aircraft sales, charter and aircraft management. The Group offers its own airline services through Buzz Airlines, and serves Florida and the Bahamas offering privacy and bespoke personal flights to the discerning traveller.

The Group specialises in ab initio commercial pilot training which it has been delivering for over 20 years through various training organisations it has acquired and created during this period. Current flight training is conducted in Merritt Island, Florida, which train for the FAA licence and for the EASA pan-European licence training there group has schools based at Malaga, Spain and Rome, Italy.

The Group takes pride in its promotion of the careers as a commercial pilot. It has a number of offices around the globe to reach aspiring aviators. These training and recruitment consultancies include the USA, UK, Portugal, India, Caribbean, and Latin America.