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2FLY is pleased to announce our alliance with five US Regional Airlines, offering opportunities for our graduates to become employed as a first officer in as little as 24 months.

Cadets who join our First Officer Program will be assigned an airline mentor during the second phase of the program and be granted a guaranteed pilot interview after qualifications are met with one of our airline alliances.



PHASE ONE (8 months): is a full-time program that begins with the initial Private Pilot and progresses to Commercial Pilot with Instrument Ratings and Certified Flight Instructor Certification over a span of eight months. This phase encompasses all academics, simulations and practical flying. Upon graduation, you will have logged just over 250 total flight hours.

PHASE TWO (16 months): provides you a guaranteed interview with 2FLY to work as a Certified Flight Instructor. This is a full-time position and allows you to log additional flying hours you will need to be hired by an airline. During this phase, you will have the opportunity to meet pilot recruiters from our airline alliances and learn about their hiring processes. Many also offer interview coaching from an airline pilot mentor. It is estimated this phase will take 16 months to gain the 1,500 total hours needed for airline hiring requirements.


Entry Requirements:
1) Be at least 18 years of age
2) Be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language
3) Be able to obtain an FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate
4) Phase II requires applicant to have legal right-to-work in the US

Phase One training comprises of the following:

FAA Private Pilot

  • 47.0 Hours SE Piper PA28 Aircraft
  • 30.0 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 30.0 Hours Private Theory
  • 15.0 Hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

PIC Time Building

  • 146 Hours SE Airline Crew Program

FAA Instrument Rating

  • 22.0 Hours SE Cessna 172 G1000 Aircraft
  • 15.0 Hours AATD Simulator
  • 35.0 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 20.0 Hours Instrument Theory
  • 10.0 Hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

FAA Commercial Multi Engine

  • 22.0 Hours ME PA44 Aircraft
  • 20.0 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 10.0 Hours Commercial Theory
  • 5.0 Hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

FAA Commercial Single Engine

  • 5.0 Hours SE Piper PA28 Aircraft
  • 3.0 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 5.0 Hours Commercial Theory
  • 3.0 Hours Pre/Post Flight Briefings

FAA Certified Flight Instructor – Single Engine

  • 12.0 Hours SE Piper PA28 Aircraft
  • 10.0 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 20.0 Hours Commercial Theory

This course also includes:

  • Private, Instrument and Commercial Course Study Materials
  • SE and ME fuel surcharges
  • Eight months of shared room accommodations


This course includes the training for: FAA Private Pilot, FAA Instrument Rating, FAA Commercial Multi and Single Engine Certificate and Certified Flight Instructor.

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International Students: This program does not include fees associated for the student visa or TSA background/fingerprinting fees. All training is conducted at the Merritt Island facility.

Items Not Included in Program:

  • Transportation & Living Expenses
  • Pilot Supplies (uniform, headset, fuel strainer, charts)
  • FAA Exam Fees (theory and practical)

Note: This program is based on our training curriculum minimum requirements. In some cases, training over these minimums may occur, which will result in an additional expense.