The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine
Saturday, January 26, 2019
10:00am – 12:00pm


We have received more than 1,500 registrations to attend. Although we are excited for such a large response, there is no way we can accommodate everyone in the available space.

We are coming to deliver a presentation and talk about joining a full-time airline pilot program to become a qualified pilot. Our presentation will include the following topics:

  • The current economic outlook on the airline industry and why NOW is the best time to begin pilot training.
  • Our career training program, which will take you from a level of zero flying experience to the issuance of an FAA commercial pilots license in as little as six months.
  • Flight training sponsorship for those who graduate the career program. 2FLY will pay for your Certified Flight Instructor certification, giving you the opportunity to log an additional 1,000 flying hours as a flight instructor.
  • Current students from Trinidad in training with us and their testimonial about their experience.
  • Representatives from two local banks to answer questions about financing.


  1. Please be at least 18 years of age (or within two-months of turning 18)
  2. You must be able to commit to a full-time pilot training program at our Florida training facility and start no later than July 2019?
  3. You must be able to finance or be credit-worthy to receive funding for your pilot training tuition?

If you can answer YES to ALL of the questions, please RE-CONFIRM your attendance and submit the form below. If you cannot answer YES to all of the above, we kindly ask for you not to attend. With this large response, we will be returning to Trinidad in the near future and will invite you back to meet with you at a later time.

Sorry, our seminar is now full.